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La Campana De Justicia

Manifestación contra la violencia de la mujer
Sergio Cosmopolita

Mon.  August 4th,  7p: A Spanish-language documentary on the murders of women in México and New Mexico, updates the 2013 English-language documentary “The Bell of Justice” which was also aired on Espejos de Aztlán. This program compares and contrasts the experiences of family members of murdered and disappeared women with justice systems in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua City, and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Listen original interviews with mothers, fathers, sisters, friends, activists, scholars, and community members.  It includes sounds from the 2009 Exodus for Life of the Women in Mexico, the 2011 Caravan for Peace in Justice in Ciudad Juárez and vigils and funerals for the West Mesa murder victims in Albuquerque.

Commentators include Dr. Cynthia Bejarano,  New Mexico State University professor of criminal justice and internationally-recognized femicide scholar; Diana Washington Valdez, El Paso investigative journalist and author; Claudia Medina, former executive director of Enlace Comunitario in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Cecilia Espinosa, representative of the Women’s Roundtable of Ciudad Juárez;  the late Esther Chávez Cano, founder of Casa Amiga in Ciudad Juárez,  and many others.

Produced by Kent Paterson and Mercedes Mejía. This program was made possible in part by a grant from the McCune Foundation.