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"Return To Aztlán: Indians, Spaniards, And The Invention Of New Mexico"

Painting: "Teocalli mexicana" by David Gremard Romero
Full interview with Dr. Danna Levin Rojo

Mon. 4/6, 7p: Did you ever hear that once upon a time there was an American continent where natives could seduce the Spanish intruders with their own stories and memories? Join us in the exploration of the power of the Mesoamericans´ ideas and why a portion of this continent was named: Nuevo México .

In this interview from Mexico City with Dr. Danna Levi Rojo, Professor of Mexican Historiography at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana , she will share some stories from her new book: "Return to Aztlán. Indians, Spaniards and the invention of Nuevo México" published by University of Oklahoma Press.

¿Sabía usted que había una vez una América donde los pueblos indígenas seducían a los conquistadores españoles con sus relatos y sus historias? La profesora Danna Levin Rojo “voltea la tortilla” de la historia de la conquista de los españoles y nos la  hace mirar desde los ojos de los pueblos originarios mesoamericanos.

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