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"Cristales De Tiempo" (Crystals Of Time)

Mon. 12/4, 7 pm: Dr. Patricia Rosas Lopátequi guides us through the poetic world of the great Latin American writer, Elena Garro (1916-1998, México) on Espejos de Aztlán, hosted by Cristina Baccin.

Controversial, ethereal, and a warrior for social justice, Ms. Elena Garro still ignites passionate debates about her political points of view.  As a woman active within male dominant intellectual circles (beginning with her former husband, Nobel Prize winning author, Octavio Paz), Ms. Garro was - and still is - a critical and poignant voice.  Are you ready to listen to her perspectives through poetry?

Elena Garro's talent as a social activist, playwright, novelist, journalist, and poet is portrayed by Prof. Patricia Rosas Lopátegui (Chicana and Chicano Studies Department) as part of the celebration of Elena Garro's Centennial.  A new book, "Cristales de tiempo" (Crystals of time), a compilation of Ms. Garro's poetry was published by Prof. Lopátegui.  We share a recital of some of her poems by University of New Mexico students who participated in the Centennial celebration, including Liliana Tarango, Xiomara Ortega-Trinidad, Patricia Grajeda, Samantha Reid García, María Alejandra Estupiñán, Vanessa Martínez, Cynthia López, Jaime Loera, Esmeralda Moreno, and Patricia Segura Silva (Univ. Aut. de Ciudad. Juárez)