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A Family's Journey In Sanctuary


Mon. 07/15/19 7p: This episode will take you through an audio journey into sanctuary. The story of Kadhim Albumohammed's asnctuary is told through his 19-year-old daughter, Courtney Albumohammed.

Our show connects Kadhim's sanctuary case with that of Emma Membreno-Sorto, both sanctuary cases in Albuquerque.
We will also hear from sanctuary leaders and coordinators such as, Justin Remer-Thamert, Daniel Vega, Tina Kachele, and Marion Bock of the New Mexico Faith Coalition for Immigrant Justice. 
Froilan Orozco and Rafael Martinez are members of the Humans of New Mexico collective who produce stories of everyday people in Nuevo sMexico and contributors to the Espejos de Aztlan show.