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“Green Corn & Sacred Fire - Indigenous Ceremonies Of Resistance”

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Green Corn Stalks

Mon. 10/7, 7p: On Espejos de Aztlán, we´ll speak about the EcoLiteracy Project at the University of New Mexico with Dr. Michelle Hall Kells and with Dr. Rachel C. Jackson about her research, “Resisting Relocation: Placing leadership on decolonized Indigenous landscapes”, hosted by Cristina Baccin.

We invite you to listen to this thought-provoking conversation that intertwines contemporary concerns about the environment with Native American cultural literacies and how to work through historical trauma.

Our guests: 

Dr. Michelle Hall Kells, Associate Professor in the Department of English at the University of New Mexico, is currently Program Chair for the National Consortium of Environmental Rhetoric and Writing. She also serves as Project Chair of the Salt of the Earth Recovery Project.

Dr. Rachel C. JacksonCherokee Nation of Oklahoma, is an Associate Professor of Native American Literatures and Rhetorics at the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Jackson'stalk at the EcoLiteracy Project at the University of New Mexico was about  Green Corn & Sacred Fire- Indigenous ceremonies of resistance and on how the story of Selu, the Corn Mother –who the ancient Cherokees honored as the First Woman- and the Green Corn Ceremonies align ancient story with foodways and cultural resistance (www.kiowatalk.org)

Thanksgiving song in Kiowa language here.