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Listen: A Conversation With Texas Activist Diana Gomez

Progress Texas

(This program airs Saturday 9/18, but you can stream the interviews now)

Sat. 9/18 12p: Carol Boss talks with Diana Gomez with Progress Texas, the first progressive Texas activist Carol has had on Women's Focus.  She was on the ground in Austin when the Supreme Court allowed the state's Senate Bill 8 - the most extreme abortion restriction in the U.S.- to go into effect on September 1 at midnight.  She describes the scenes in packed abortion clinics all the way up until midnight and speaks about the ban and its immediate impact on millions of Texans who will be losing access to safe abortions, particularly women of color and those who are low income.

Interview with Kayla Griffin

Later in the show, Carol speaks with Kayla Griffin who is the Ohio Campaign State Director for the organization, All Voting is Local.  She talks about wrongful voter purges and rejected ballots in Black communities and the attempts to decrease the number of poll workers in Ohio as well as other voting concerns since the 2020 election and the future priorities for protecting the vote in Ohio.