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The basement days, KUNM

KUNM in the basement of the student union

Sun. 10/31 11a: In commemoration of KUNM's 55th anniversary, Kent Paterson and Marty Adamsmith present a special program on KUNM's formative years in the basement of the UNM Student Union Building, a time when transformative musical, cultural and political forces shaped the station and society. A follow up to last year's specials KUNM: Up Against the Wall FM and The Days of May: UNM 1970, this documentary features more rare KUNM tapes as well as remembrances of former volunteer deejays and staff.  
Featuring music of the late 1960s and early 1970s, listeners will hear the voices of former news staff and original KUNM coverage of Vietnam antiwar protests, the 1971 Roosevelt Park uprising and the 1973 Wounded Knee siege and standoff between Lakota traditionals/American Indian Movement and federal government forces. KUNM's role in local and national music scenes, women in radio, and the birth of the Singing Wire program will also be highlighted.  

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