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Public Speaks Up Regarding Medical Cannabis Regulations

eggrole via Flickr

  On Monday the Department of Health will hear comments from the public on proposed rule changes to the state's medical marijuana program.

Last month the agency published a hefty rewrite to the regulations that have been in place since 2010.

Former PRC commissioner Jason Marks, who is an attorney in Albuquerque representing a majority of New Mexico's licensed non-profit producers, says the changes being proposed are onerous. 

"I’m concerned, and many others are concerned, that the net result will be to thwart the idea of the program which was to provide a safe and legal channel for patients to obtain medical cannabis," Marks said. "Instead it will direct patients to the less safe and less legal avenues."

If the proposed rule changes are adopted as written, the license fee for producers will in some cases triple, which Marks says would dramatically restrict patient access to medical cannabis.

Under the law the Department of Health is required to collaborate with the medical advisory board when changing regulations, and any critique must be backed up with substantial, fact-based evidence.

The public has until June 20th to submit written comments to the Department of Health on their website by emailing medical.cannabis@state.nm.us.