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Voices Behind the Vote: Silence On Substance Abuse

Ed Williams-KUNM

KUNM Public Health Reporter Ed Williams met with Julie Martinez in the courtyard of Holy Cross Hospital in Taos. Martinez manages the hospital’s substance abuse prevention program and works on drug issues with local youth for the non-profit Taos Alive.

Martinez wouldn’t say who she was voting for because of her work. She did explain that the entrenched problems of addiction and substance abuse in her community are shaping her views of candidates this year.

"Acknowledging that there's an issue is one step," Martinez said, "but then supporting the policies that help -  and not putting corporations first - is huge. I think politicians always forget that, because the corporation and the money usually come ahead of people and their health. We've had a lack of support from our elected officials... We're hoping that with the new people coming into new positions we'll get more support to really take care of our community." 

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