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Governor Signs Health Care Price Comparison Bill

Leo Reynolds via CC

Gov. Susana Martinez signed a bill today that makes it so people seeking health care can find out what different routine procedures cost at hospitals around the state. Fourteen other states have these websites.

Patients will be able to shop around and find the best deal on medical procedures—and see which hospitals perform them best—when a new public website goes up. Prices of vary drastically from hospital to hospital, according to Think New Mexico’s Fred Nathan, and unveiling the price tags actually drives costs down.

"The states that have these websites, the cost of medical care is 7 percent lower, and for some procedures, it’s dramatically lower," he said. "For example hip replacements—$2,800 less in those states with health care transparency websites."

The website will also show the rates of re-admissions, errors and infections, according to Nathan.

Under the new law, the site will have to be live by 2018, but Nathan says they’re hoping it will only take about a year to create.

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