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Thank You Gifts

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2023 KUNM Sticker

This stylish KUNM sticker is dishwasher safe making it perfect for your favorite water bottle. The sticker is also interactive and will link you to your favorite radio station with one simple scan of the QR code with your phone’s camera, where you will be magically transported to the KUNM website!

When you select your thank you gift this Spring, be sure to let us know which dial you tune into to listen to KUNM, so we can send you the sticker that represents your listening area.

Give Now!

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KUNM Member Card

We are also offering the very popular KUNM Member Card, which will return your donation back to you in savings on 2-for-1 dining, lodging, and other services and attractions throughout New Mexico. Using the KUNM Member Card shows your commitment to Public Radio and supports our local community. The KUNM Member Card is now even easier to use with the new app!

App benefits:

• Directory is always up-to-date
• Find merchants nearest you
• Redeem coupons directly from your phone
• Instant access to benefits
• Customized notification

If you opt-in to receive a member card, we will send it to you along with the instructions on how to set up the app. You’ll never miss an opportunity to save with the Member Card app on your phone!

Give Now!