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Presidents Day Special

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Nash Jones

Sat. 2/17 10a: Join Peter Nathanson for a Presidents Day show on Folk Routes. The show will include music that pays homage to some presidents and highlights the antics of others.

Peter started listening to music at a young age. So young in fact that his parents thought they’d have to have his transistor radio surgically removed from the side of his head so he wouldn’t suffer through ridicule and embarrassment on his first day of kindergarten. Well, they didn’t and he survived to join the school band in the 7th grade as a member of the percussion section. "Things pretty much went downhill from there", his parents were frequently heard to remark. Not only in the outward manifestations of his personality, but his listening habits and attitude seemed to deteriorate as well. After all, he was becoming a drummer, devouring rock music at a prodigious pace and listening to late-night underground public radio programming. He moved through rock n roll, blues and jazz and added guitar, mandolin, dobro and banjo to his arsenal, which led him to bluegrass, further reducing his social acceptability (his very own mother was often heard to ask in real alarm whenever he took out his guitar in her presence “You’re not going to sing too?!”) He’s still rehabilitating himself as a volunteer host for various music programs on KUNM.