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Pumpkin Spice

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This Week:
Pumpkin Spice

This Halloween special explores the traditions of Halloween, from carving pumpkins to trick-or-treating, and what the history is to explain trick-or-treating. Mixed with great music, and comes with a hands-on Learn-Along guide which meets and cites US National education content standards for use in the classroom.  

Pumpkins go hand in hand with Halloween, but there is a lot more to that story, and about the actual fruit of the pumpkin plant. Isaac from our Kids Crew digs into the pumpkin patch to find out more. 

Have you ever wondered why we carve pumpkins, or who made the first jack o lantern? Corbit from our Kids Crew reveals the history and legend behind the spooky face. 

Sometimes, you might see a teal pumpkin as part of a Halloween display. It’s not an accident but it means that house has treats that are safe for kids with food allergies. We learn more about the teal pumpkins of Halloween with Charlotte Joseph from the New Mexico Food Allergy Network. 

One of the strangest traditions in Halloween is trick or treating. Why do we go door to door and bother our neighbors, banging on their doors and asking for candy or other treats? The tradition is not as old as you might think, according to our host Katie Stone.  

From all of us at The Children’s Hour, we wish you a happy and safe Halloween! Bring a flashlight if you trick or treat, and remember if the porch lights are out, skip that house. 

This episode was written and produced by our Executive Producer, Katie Stone, with help from Christina Stella, our Senior Producer. Our Learn-Along Guide was written by Lorraine Archibald.  

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