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The Skin We're In

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This Week:
The Skin We’re In

This time on The Children’s Hour, we explore the skin we are in. We are joined by Dr. Holly McGee and Dr. Nina Jablonski, who have written a book to explain the cultural and social history of skin color called It’s Just Skin, Silly. Then we meet Dr. Adnan Mir, a pediatric dermatologist who helps us understand even more about our skin from a medical point of view. This episode comes with a digital Learn-Along guide that meets and cites educational content standards, to be used in the classroom.

Dr. Holly McGee and Dr. Nina Jablonski, who recently collaborated on the book It’s Just Skin, Silly!, join us to discuss how we think about our skin, and why we think that way. They answer questions on where skin color comes from, on how skin color has changed over time, and the unnecessary meaning that some people place on the color of skin. The Kids Crew have a lot of questions about why discrimination based on skin color is still happening.

Skin is an organ - it protects our insides from the outside. Dr. Adnan Mir, a pediatric dermatologist, helps us learn about the science of skin. We discuss the function of the dermis and epidermis, why we should use sunscreen, and how frequently we shed our skin!

Learn more about the social and scientific characteristics of skin in our Learn-Along Guide, which meets and cites US National education standards. The Learn-Along guide includes even more information, links, and activities.

This episode was produced by Katie Stone, our Executive Producer, our Senior Producer, Christina Stella, post production from Eli Henley, transcription by Gus Tafoya, and live engineering by Chad Scheer at the Outpost Performance Space in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our Learn-Along Guides are written by Lorraine Archibald.

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