Roswell Braces For Departure Of Health Services Provider

Jan 28, 2015
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Roswell Mayor Dennis Kintigh reached into his shoulder bag and pulled out a four-page brochure Monday at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe.

The pamphlet the former Republican state lawmaker held begins with this statement in bold lettering: “The behavioral health system in Chaves County is in crisis.”

The brochure is the product of an ad hoc committee formed by a state court district judge in Roswell, Kintigh says. The pamphlet goes on to warn of the consequences when a community has too few services for the mentally ill and other vulnerable populations.

Wolf Travels Hundreds Of Miles To Northern Arizona

Nov 21, 2014

Wildlife officials have confirmed the first gray wolf in northern Arizona in more than 70 years.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service spokesman Jeff Humphrey said Friday that analysis of the animal's scat shows it's from the Northern Rockies population.

The wolf is believed to have traveled at least 450 miles into northern Arizona, where it's been spotted at the Grand Canyon and the adjacent forest.

Wolves often roam vast distances in search of food and mates. Packs from the Northern Rockies had been found as far south as Wyoming.

Bryant Furlow / New Mexico In Depth

At the end of June, 15 New Mexico behavioral health agencies had their Medicaid funding frozen by the state's Human Services Department due to “credible allegations of fraud.”

The agencies provide services to approximately 30,000 patients, many who seek help for mental health issues ranging from substance abuse treatment to schizophrenia.

Fifteen New Mexico behavioral health providers that were accused of fraud and shut down still haven’t been able to see the audits that lead to their downfall. The audits supposedly showed the companies over-billed the state for Medicaid reimbursements.

ALEC Protesters Target Navajo Generating Station

Dec 7, 2011
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Sixteen people were arrested at the Salt River Project’s offices in Tempe Arizona on Friday. As Devin Brown reports from the Fronteras Changing America Desk, the protesters want the utility company to stop operating their coal-fired power plant on the Navajo Nation.

Feds Worried About Gun Walking Program

Dec 7, 2011
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New emails released by the Department of Justice show that top officials were worried about the public perception of its gun walking programs in Arizona. As Michel Marizco reports for the Fronteras Changing America Desk, this was even before two of those guns turned up at the scene of a Border Patrol agent’s murder. 

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Hundreds of state lawmakers and business leaders are gathering in the Phoenix area today for a policy summit. The American Legislative Exchange Council, known as ALEC, invites private sector representatives to present model legislation. But as Devin Browne from the Fronteras Changing America Desk reports, critics say this is lobbying, and should be more transparent.

Critics of Arizona Well Call for Oversight

Nov 28, 2011
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The water inside Montezuma Well-part of the Montezuma Castle Monument near Rimrock, Arizona- is ten to thirteen THOUSAND years old. The Arizona Water Company operates two commercial wells near the monument and now another water company wants to open their own high-production well just 300 feet from the boundaries of the national park.

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The number of people who need help buying food has risen more than 20 percent for southwestern states including New Mexico, Arizona, California, and Nevada. That’s according to the most recent statistics from the U-S Census Bureau.

As Laurel Morales reports from the Fronteras Changing America Desk it’s putting a heavy burden on food  banks.

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The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for many companies. But according to a recent survey by Arizona State University, businesses could be throwing away huge profits if they’re not careful to keep consumers happy.  From the Fronteras Changing America Desk, Nick Blumberg reports.

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For some Native Americans Thanksgiving is not quite the same kind of celebration that it is for other Americans. After all, the Pilgrim arrival and settlement didn’t exactly work out well for the Natives. In the vast Navajo Nation in the southwest, many do gather with families to give thanks on this holiday, just like their Anglo neighbors. But Navajo traditions teach them that Thanksgiving is, for them, a daily practice. That’s what Navajo teacher Brent Chase passes on to the children in his Joseph City (northern Arizona) classroom when its time for the Thanksgiving lesson.

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Whichever direction that fight goes, some are seeing the writing on the wall. For decades the Navajo and Hopi Tribes have relied on the coal industry as their economic base. As Laural Morales reports from the Fronteras Changing America Desk, tribal leaders from the Four Corners region joined with academics and political leaders in Flagstaff last week to come up with alternative economic resources.


Arizona’s Top 1%, Who Are They?

Oct 14, 2011
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Occupy Wall Street protests have been reported in more than 100 American towns and cities – including Albuquerque, Las Vegas, San Diego, and San Antonio.  On Saturday, the protest goes to Arizona with occupations planned in Tucson, Phoenix, and Flagstaff.  Protesters say they represent the 99 percent of Americans who have been left behind by the country’s economic growth.

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The Supreme Court has ruled against a Southern Arizona rancher who once held a group of illegal immigrants at gunpoint. As Michel Marizco reports for the Fronteras Changing America Desk, the Court says the rancher must pay 87-thousand dollars. 


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The President of the Navajo Nation is in Switzerland today seeking the help of the United Nations Human Rights Council. As Laurel Morales reports for the Fronteras Changing America Desk, it's a last-ditch effort to stop recycled waste water from being used to make snow on the San Francisco Peaks north of Flagstaff.

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