Animal Humane Society

The Children's Hour 11/4 9a: What should you do when you find a stray dog or cat, and have you been looking for a FURR ever friend?  Animal Humane New Mexico will join the KUNM Kids in the studio with some critters and advice about animal rescue and adoption. 

Helper Dogs

Aug 4, 2016
Assistance Dogs of the West

The Children's Hour crew welcomed into the studios our furry friends and their human companions from Assistance Dogs of the West. From picking up pencils to making way in a crowd for their charge, we learned all about the important jobs helper dogs do, how they learn these things, and how kids can be a part of it. We had a family events calendar, the KUNM Kids Birthday Club, great music and so much more. The Children's Hour airs every Saturday, from 9am to 10am. This show was recorded live at KUNM on August 6th, 2016.

Assistance Dogs

Jul 31, 2015

Sat. 7/31, 9am: Assistance dogs help people in many ways, and on The Children's Hour we'll meet kids who are training these pups to become someone's working dog. Find out how they do it, and what is appropriate behavior when someone has an assistance dog.  Also, Animal Humane New Mexico brings in kittens in honor of the release of the newly discovered Dr. Seuss book, What Kind of Pet Should I Get. Plus, celebrate the birthdays of two musicians who changed rock and roll forever. The KUNM Kids Birthday Club, great music, a family events calendar, and so much more; join us!

This Year's Love via Flickr / Creative Commons License

It’s that time of year when people are spending more and more time with their dogs outside in public spaces.

Commentator Andrea Mays says she understands how they can provide companionship, assistance and safety. But she says some dog owners in Santa Fe are failing at good animal stewardship.