Let's Talk Delicious Holidays

Dec 18, 2018
Andi Murphy/Toasted Sister Podcast / used with permission

Let’s Talk New Mexico 12/20 8a: Sitting down to a delicious meal brings families and friends together on the holidays for good conversation and a connection over something well all have to do, eat! Is there a particular food that brings up fond holiday memories? Does your family have a special holiday tradition of eating turkey, posole, or tamales? Or maybe your holiday favorite eats don’t fit any tradition? What is that one thing that makes your holiday table complete? Email your favorite recipes and food memories to, tweet #LetsTalkNM, or call in live during the show.

torbakhopper via Flickr CC

Let’s Talk New Mexico 11/29 8a: This week, we’re focusing on transgender folks who thrive in our community, the growing acceptance in younger generations, and gains being made around the country. Media narratives often emphasize the discrimination and violence transgender people face. Those are essential stories, but we want to add to the conversation.

Spring Rituals

Apr 28, 2016
Creative Commons

The Children's Hour hosted kids from Jimmy Carter Middle School who told us how cultures around the world welcome spring. From exploding snowmen, drowning dolls, rolling down a hill with cheese, and flinging colored powder at friends, people worldwide have unique ways of saying goodbye to winter.  Plus, we learned about Dia De Los Niños, what's on at The Guild Cinema, events for kids this weekend, the KUNM Kids Birthday Club, and of course, great music.  Start your Saturday with a smile and The Children's Hour! This show broadcast live from the KUNM studios on April 30, 2016.