KUNM Studio Sessions

Baz Francis

Jan 6, 2020


 Albuquerque rocker Baz Francis has never been short of musical projects, from the band Magic 8 Ball to his solo recordings, but it was his teenage self who beckoned with the return of Mansion Harlots.  That band began as a collaboration with drummer/songwriter Will Grey in 90s Britain & lasted only a short time, leaving no proper recordings, but the musical ideas of Francis & Grey never quite disappeared.  The duo recently revisited the early work, revising it with two decades' worth of musical experience & releasing the long, long, long delayed debut album "All Around a Fairground" on Magic Cat Records. In this feature Baz Francis plays songs from the album solo & acoustic.  Recorded in Studio C by Matthew Finch using the P-38 mic configuration on December 4, 2019. Facebook is the first stop for Baz Francis plus his bands Mansion Harlots and Magic Eight Ball.

Mineral Hill

Dec 10, 2019


 This feature finds us in a vortex of cheese, Sasquatch, off-key whales & spam as presented by the Albuquerque/Las Vegas trio Mineral Hill playing songs from the debut album "Bulldogs & Barnacles." Recorded in Studio A on November 27, 2019 by John Strader with Ethan Stein, Mineral Hill are: Bronson Elliott: vocals, accordion, ukulele, guitarJonathan Mack: vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolinLauren Addario: drums, percussion Follow this trio on Bandcamp or at www.mineralhillband.com


 This "Afternoon Freeform" performance finds the Alt-Latino/Andean  powerhouse group in a downsized, acoustic line-up, playing songs intended for their next album "Volver Atras." Recorded in Studio A on November 21, 2019 by Chip Borton & John Strader, Baracutanga Acoustica are: Jackie Zamora: vocalsCarlos Noboa: bass, vocals, quenaKilko Paz: vocals, charango, cajonJoseph Altamirano: guitar, pan fluteMicah Hood: trombone, pan flute Follow Baracutanga & the progress of "Volver Atras" at www.baracutanga.com

The Ordinary Things

Dec 4, 2019


 Albuquerque rockers The Ordinary Things came together over the last year & quickly built a catalog of originals from the songwriting team of Chacon & Chacon.  With a third writer emerging, they decided it was time to release their debut album "Stories." Recorded on November 25, 2019 by Chip Borton with Ethan Stein The Ordinary Things are: Jacqueline Chacon: vocals, drumJustin McLauchlin: bass, vocals, synthesizerAndrew Chacon: guitar Follow The Ordinary Things on Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp

View video of Bellemah's October 24th performance in KUNM's Studio A

Billy Bellmont recently played KUNM's Studio A with his band Bellemah. Featured first by Brandon Kennedy on Afternoon Freeform, then aired by Matthew Finch on Ear to the Ground. The band's  recent studio album is available here.

Bellemah is:

Billy Bellmont: Guitar, vox
Roger Apodaca: Guitar, keys
Ben Levine: Drums, vox
Stue Trory: Keys
Peri Pakroo: Bass, vox  

Fiddles en el Fuego

Oct 30, 2019

New Mexico has no shortage of top drawer violinists in multiple genres.  This feature spotlights three examples of fiddlers lighting it up with electronics live from our own Studio C:

First is Robb Janov's Electra-Loop project, followed by Sage Cornelius in a recent visit to Brandon Kennedy's "Thursday Freeform" playing over composed tracks.  Finally we have the radio premiere of the Parson Sisters "Techno Contra No. 1" in which Mirinisa Stewart-Tanko's fiddle meets Clara Byom's work on clarinet, keyboards & triggered tracks.

Performances engineered by Matthew Finch & Brandon Kennedy

Internationally award-winning pianist and composer, Elizabeth Capra, joins with looping cellist, composer and multidisciplinary artist, Keely Mackey, and looping violinist and composer, Robb Janov, to play some tunes in our studio in anticipation of their performance at Fusion Forum Theatre tonight.

More information available here.

When Dave Payne left the venerable roots band Saltine Ramblers for solo projects he did so without a regular band.  By his second album the Salt Cedar outfit was in place & Payne's writing took on a new trajectory.

As their self-titled album rolled out, they decided to play us as-yet unrecorded songs, plus two covers of New Mexican songs from a distant time.

Recorded in Studio A by John Strader on October 1, 2019, the band are:

Dave Payne: vocals, guitar
Dave Devlin:  electric guitar, pedal steel, dobro, vocals
Cory Minefee: electric bass, vocals
Cheese: drums, vocals

Follow Dave Payne on Facebook.

In anticipation of Halloween, KUNM offers here a studio session with local noir fiction writers reading distinctly Burqueño spooky stories.

Featured here are:

Justin Bendell

Tori Cárdenas

Mitch Marty

Steve Brewer

Ana June

with commentary from Spoken Word Hour host Marty Adamsmith and poet Gigi Bella

View video of Lily and Horn Horse's September 26th performance in KUNM's Studio A

A duo hailing from New York, New York, Lily and Horn Horse play   

Afternoon Freeform. Their pop stylings contains both experimental and bubblegum sounds.

Baz Francis

Oct 2, 2019

In this feature we make the acquaintance of songwriter/performer Baz Francis, newly arrived from Los Angeles.  Francis shares acoustic solo versions of songs from his LA bands Mansion Harlots & Magic Eight Ball as well as one from his solo album "The Face that Launched a Thousand Shipwrecks."  

Recorded in Studio C by Matthew Finch on September 25, 2019.

Francis tours frequently, but is just now developing a presence in New Mexico.  Keep up with him on Reverb Nation https://www.reverbnation.com/magiceightball or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ilovemagiceightball

Albuquerque songwriter Clark Andrew Libbey was already building a career as both solo performer & regular member of a number of Albuquerque bands, but when the chance to do his originals country style he couldn't resist & The High Desert Playboys were born.  To celebrate their debut on Slow Start Records the band came to Studio A to play songs from "Country Music for your Trip to Mars."


Recorded by Ethan Stein with Chip Borton on September 19, 2019, the High Desert Playboys are:


Clark Andrew Libbey: vocals, guitar

Kristen Rad: electric violin, vocals

Jeff Wilson: upright bass

Ryan Goodhue: keyboards, vocals

Mikey Hale: drums, vocals

Fifth Beatles: Cara Haynes, Bud Melvin

 The band can appear as anything from a duo to a 6-piece.  Follow them at www.highdesertplayboys.com

The Rahim Alhaj trio

Sep 19, 2019

For this special feature Albuquerque's renowned composer/oud master Rahim Alhaj & his trio perform original tunes from the 2018 album "One Sky" and discuss the dynamics of presenting music from a group of Iraqi, Iranian & US nationals to audiences worldwide.

Recorded by Chip Borton with John Strader in Studio A on  August 28, 2019, the Trio are: Rahim Alhaj, oudSourena Sefati: santourNick Baker: percussion Most of the Rahim Alhaj catalog is available from Smithsonian Folkways.  Keep up with him at www.rahimalhaj.com

Albuquerque songwriter August James is appearing this Thursday, September 19th, at 7PM, at Insideout in downtown Albuquerque. More information here: https://holdmyticket.com/event/343853

Follow August on Bandcamp to get an email about the upcoming album: https://augustjames.bandcamp.com/

Sol de la Noche

Sep 3, 2019

SOL DE LA NOCHE This feature finds the Albuquerque alt-Latino outfit Sol de la Noche returning to the show after 5 years of growth & change, including the reunion of lyricists Diego Manrique & Freddy "Flowpez" Lopez whose collaboration pre-dates the formation of the original band. Recorded live in Studio A on August 27, 2019 by Roman Garcia with Chip Borton & John Strader Sol de la Noche are: Diego Manrique: vocals, acoustic guitarFlowpez: rap, percussionJessica Pacheco: vocalsKendall Jones: electric guitarMatthew Jaeger: bassAlex Flores: tromboneMichael Christmas: saxMark Gallegos: drums Find their latest album "Al Natural" plus links to solo projects & performance schedule at www.soldelanoche.com