KUNM Studio Sessions

Alien Space Kitchen

Apr 1, 2019


 In 2018, Albuquerque trio Alien Space Kitchen launched the ASK EP Project, an ongoing series of themed EP releases, each one focused on a topic or musical style, or both.  For this visit the band played songs from the first volume "The Golden Age of Climate Change"plus a gem from 2006's "Some of this Is True." Recorded on March 26 in Studio C by Matthew Finch, Alien Space Kitchen are: Dru: vocals, electric guitarNoelle: drums, vocalsMess: bass With two more themed EPs already recorded this band promises to be busy throughout 2019.  Keep up with them at www.alienspacekitchen.com

Eryn Bent

Mar 25, 2019


 Montana-born songwriter Eryn Bent began her life as a New Mexico musician in Santa Fe & currently works out of Albuquerque.  As she prepared to release her ep "Go Down Fighting" & return to the studio for a larger project, she dropped by Studio C to give us the "coffee house" versions of  songs that appear in much grander orchestrations on her recordings..  In the interview she takes us a little bit inside a songwriter's development & the wonders of a stable band. Engineered by Matthew Finch Follow Eryn Bent on Reverb Nation

Lone Piñon

Mar 4, 2019


 One of New Mexico's hardest working folkloric groups return to Studio A to play songs from their third album "Dale Vuelo," an album that shows the founding duo bringing on multiple guest players & singers into an ever-expanding range of Hispano/Mexicano roots music. Recorded by Roman Garcia with John Strader on February 21, 2019, Lone Piñon are: Jordan Wax: vocals, violin, button accordion, mandolin, guitarNoah Martinez: bajo quinto, huapanguera quinto, guitar, piano accordion Follow this always-busy band at www.lonepinon.com

Dust City Opera

Feb 26, 2019


 As they prepared for the release of their debut album "Heaven" the Dust City Opera ensemble brought their cracked folk sounds to KUNM's Studio A.  In this six-piece, songwriter Paul Hunton brings together musicians from multiple local bands & disciplines to make a big, unpredictable sound. Recorded by Roman Garcia with Marino Spencer on February 5, 2019, Dust City Opera are: Paul Hunton: lead vocals, electric guitarTravis Rourke: vocals, tromboneJared Putnam: electric lead guitarClara Bynom: clarinet, accordionJustin McLauchlin: electric bassGreg Williams: drums, percussionSydney Counce: Fifth Beatle, videographer Follow the band, their dates & videos at www.dustcityopera.com

Bobcats Trio

Feb 18, 2019

BOBCATS TRIO Despite playing together for a number of years it wasn't until this year that the Bobcats Trio decided to bring out their debut album "Music for the Sole."  As the title suggests, these Jazz veterans hold high the banner of Jazz as dance music, whether the tune is swing, Brazilian or a new take on a classic. Recorded live in Studio A by Roman Garcia with Merino Spencer on February 12, 2019 Bobcats Trio are: Bob Gusch: clarinet, sax, fluteDan Dowling: 7 string electric guitar, vocalsJohn Griffin: upright bass Learn more about the Bobcats & related bands at www.bobgusch.wordpress.com

The Merlettes

Jan 29, 2019
Tristan Clum

Albuquerque's Merlettes formed in 2015 as an all-female honky-tonk band made up of local all-stars.  Beginning with the Country canon the group soon added original material to move beyond the "retro" image.  For this session the 5-piece played an all-original set of songs from the pen of Kristina Jacobsen.

 Recorded by Roman Garcia in Studio A on January 18, 2019 Merlettes are: Kristina Jacobsen: guitar, lead vocalsDair Obenshain: fiddle, vocalsMeredith Wilder: vocalsLaura Leach Devlin: bassSharon Eldridge: drums Follow Merlettes' gigs at kristinajacobsenmusic.com

David Berkeley

Jan 22, 2019

In this feature Santa Fe singer/songwriter/author David Berkeley performs songs from his ep "The Faded Red & Blue" & talks about writing topical songs in a toxic atmosphere.  He also speaks of his new project as half of the theatrical-folk duo Sons of Town Hall.

 Recorded by Matthew Finch in Studio C on January 15, 2019. Follow Berkeley at www.davidberkeley.com

Wild Humans

Jan 8, 2019


 The Albuquerque acoustic ensemble Wild Humans completed work on their album debut "Of Course" in early 2018, but after sending exclusive copies to their Kickstarter backers the album remained unreleased & the band went quiet. 2019 dawned with the release of the album "Wild Humans" a top-to-bottom recasting of the "Of Course" tracks.  Founding members Julian Wild & April Lisette returned to Studio C with the new album in hand & the story of its reincarnation. Recorded in Studio C by Matthew Finch the performers were:Julian Wild: guitar, vocalsApril Lisette: vocals Follow Julian Wild and Wild Humans on Facebook.

Kate & Lizzy Vargas

Jan 2, 2019


With the release of "For the Restless & Wandering" Americana artist Kate Vargas has a third album under her belt, but a national tour is still off in the future.   For this Studio C session, the Corrales-raised/NYC-based songwriter is joined by her partner in the trio The Reckless Daughters, sister Lizzy Vargas. Recorded by Matthew Finch on December 20, 2018, the players are: Kate Vargas: vocals, guitarLizzy Vargas: vocals Special thanks to Roman Garcia for the use of his late-model Martin guitar. Follow Kate Vargas (& soon, The Reckless Daughters) at www.katevargas.com


Dec 19, 2018

SHREWD are a 4-piece Rock outfit from Albuquerque who made their album debut with "Keep Your Live Down" recorded in the original Burt's Tiki Lounge.  Marty Adam Smith brought the band into Studio A in November of 2018 to record tracks that were then remixed by Johnny Limits.   Always on a first-name basis, the band were: Moe, vocals & guitarKevin, guitarSteve, bassAaron, drums Find SHREWD on Facebook

Ryan Montaño Quintet

Dec 10, 2018


 In this feature Albuquerque jazzman Ryan Montaño leads his quintet in a session of originals from his just-released album "Truth Journey." Recorded in Studio A by Roman Garcia on November 29, 2018 the players are: Ryan Montaño: trumpetSteve Figueroa: keyboards, samplesClaudio Tolousse: electric guitarMarcus Schiebold: bassThomas Primozic: drums In addition to his musical career, Montaño is an accomplished videographer & actor.  Follow him at www.ryanmontano.com


Nov 30, 2018

Transplanted from Texas, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, Hurdle’s members met in the Duke City to birth their own brand of music which includes ingredients from pop, rock, country, zydeco, indie, and spices.  With double entendre lyrics that cover a realm from gambling to back-and-forth power struggles in interpersonal relationships, there are no restrictions to this acoustic group’s arrangements.

When asked what the key to the chemistry between its members, drummer Karl Wulffraat replied, “Hold on a sec.  I gotta answer this text.”

Newest to the ensemble, accordionist/banjoist Bud Melvin answered “I’m just in it for the salted nuts.”

Matt Corson, vocalist/guitarist/unspiritual advisor, rolled his eyes, tuned his guitar and waited for Karl to randomly giggle at his text conversation which lasted another 3 minutes.  


In late October, Hurdle performed some tunes in Studio A and chatted with Marty Adamsmith in Studio C at KUNM. Take a listen.

Lara Manzanares

Nov 21, 2018
Philip Wiley, from laramanzanares.com

Lara Manzanares is a singer/songwriter, weaver and designer currently based in Corrales.  Her debut album "Land Baby" boasts an A-List of Santa Fe musicians and was recognized with a Best Album award from the New Mexico Music Awards.  

The Glass Key Trio

Nov 12, 2018


 This Santa Fe Folk/Jazz/Noir ensemble is relatively new to the scene, but is comprised of players who are both well-traveled & well-seasoned.We caught up with them shortly before their Albuquerque debut at the Outpost Performance Space. Recorded by Roman Garcia in Studio A on November 5, 2018 the Glass Key Trio are: Jeremy Bleich: acoustic guitar/composerPaul Brown: upright bassMilton Villlarubia III: drums Follow this project along with other musical endeavors of Jeremy Bleich aon bandcamp or Facebook or search for Grasshopper Music

Jonah Michea Judy

Oct 23, 2018

Songwriter Jonah Michea Judy has a history of restlessness, both musically & geographically.  For this feature he performs original songs from his just-released full-length "Appalachian Grandbaby" & talks to DJ Lila about a career that spans acoustic & EDM music, comedy & the building of tiny houses. Recorded on October 17, 2018 by Jalila Arthur  Follow this artist at www.jonahmicheajudy.com or find his video work on Youtube