KUNM Studio Sessions

A showcase of local and visiting musicians recorded in performance at KUNM.

Sadé Patterson

Dec 23, 2017

Sadé Patterson's distinctive voice brings holiday cheer to KUNM's Christmas day afternoon free form. Follow her work via social media: https://www.instagram.com/sadaisy93/

Beautiful William

Dec 6, 2017


 This Studio Session catches the duo Beautiful William performing songs from their debut recording "There Will Come Soft Rains" & talking about adapting the early 20th century poetry of Sara Teasdale to contemporary music. Recorded on December 2, 2017 by Matthew Finch in Studio C, Beautiful William are: Sage Harrington: vocals, soprano ukuleleMeredith Wilder: vocals, electric & acoustic guitar A follow-up project with more Teasdale adaptations is in the works already; keep up with this project at beautifulwilliam.com

For this Thanksgiving Weekend feature we assembled live recordings from singer-songwriter Boris McCutcheon's last two visits plus a solo acoustic gem from 2010.

 Recorded live by Roman Garcia in Studio A in 2017 & 2014 the musicians are: Boris McCutcheon: vocals, acoustic guitarBrett Davis: banjo, electric guitar, vocals Based in northern New Mexico, Boris McCutcheon performs regularly across the region, both solo & with The Mighty Saltlicks.  Keep up with him on Facebook or at www.borismccutcheon.com.

This brief visit features The Gabrielle Louise Trio with NM native Justin Evan Thompson.  They stopped into Studio C mid-way through the New Mexico leg of their Made for Something More tour. Recorded by Matthew Finch on November 9 in Studio C, the Trio are: Gabrielle Louise: vocals, acoustic guitarJustin Even Thompson: electric guitar, vocalsJohn Stilwagen: keyboard, accordion "If the Static Clears" is Gabrielle Louise's latest album.  Find her at www.gabriellelouise.com

Fred Johnson, Part 2

 Fred Johnson returns to Studio A, and like their first visit the Albuquerque trio laid down a host of songs drawn from multiple Jazz, Folk, Celtic & Latin traditions mixed with keenly observed originals.Recorded by Roman Garcia on October 24, 2017 in Studio A, Fred Johnson are: Sean O'Connor: vocals, acoustic & electric banjoJoe Silva: vocals, guitarMark Weaver: tuba, drums Follow Fred Johnson on bandcamp

Fred Johnson Trio

Nov 13, 2017

Fred Johnson, Part 1

 Fred Johnson returns to Studio A, and like their first visit, the Albuquerque trio laid down a host of songs drawn from multiple Jazz, Folk, Celtic & Latin traditions mixed with keenly observed originals.Recorded by Roman Garcia on October 24, 2017 in Studio A, Fred Johnson are: Sean O'Connor: vocals, acoustic & electric banjoJoe Silva: vocals, guitarMark Weaver: tuba, drums Follow Fred Johnson on bandcamp


Nov 1, 2017

This session features the 5-piece Brazilian band Saudade in live performance.  The Albuquerque ensemble began as a duo over a dozen years ago & has since expanded both their musical palette & source material.  This rare studio visit was recorded in Studio A on October 12, 2017 by Roman Garcia, interview by Matthew Finch. Saudade are: Debo: vocals, percussionBob Gusch: clarinet, sax, flute, percussionLisa Lopez: keyboardsMickey Patten: bassJefferson Voorhees: drums, vocals. Keep up with Saudade at reverbnation.com/saudadeabq

Acceptable Losses

Oct 25, 2017

This time the Generation Listen Podcast brings us a Studio A visit with Albuquerque rockers Acceptable Losses, playing road-tested originals that often reference their lives on tour.

 Recorded by Roman Garcia in October 2017, Acceptable Losses are: Wake Gardner, front manAiden Gardner, guitarJosh Galloway, bassTrey Baker, drums Special thanks to Jalila Arthur & Fawaz Lawal. Find Acceptable losses on bandcamp and facebook.

Kito Peters

Oct 16, 2017

Santa Fe's Kito Peters is one of the most prolific songwriters in the State of New Mexico, but it's a rairity to hear him play live.  To celebrate the release of his new album "Dark Rain" (Album number what?  Not even he knows) Peters brought his guitar & four as-yet unrecorded songs to share.

 Recorded on October 11 by Matthew Finch.  Keep up with Kito Peters at www.kitopeters.com


This week we feature a visit with Santa Fe's tireless songwriter/impresario Joe West as he brings the latest edition of his Halloween-themed Theater of Death show to Madrid's Engine House Theater.

This year's edition is titled "The Marijuana Morality Plays" and along with cast member Catie Lord, Joe shares songs from the upcoming production along with a song from his latest solo album "Rodeo of the Soul." Recorded in Studio C on October 6th by Matthew Finch the players are: Joe West: vocals, keyboardCatie Lord: vocals, ukulele Keep up with Joe West performances & productions at joewestmusic.com


Sat. 9/9 7p: Duke City Riots has upcoming gigs at Blue Grasshopper in Rio Rancho Saturday September 9th, 8:30 PM and in Albuquerque Saturday September 16th, 9:30 PM.

Their "songs of protest forged in the fires of revolt" are timely but would rock in any historical era. They chat about their work with host Marty Adamsmith.  Shannon Haworth-drums, C.S. Parker-bass & vocals, & Ron Ruest-guitar.


     As part of a show celebrating the melodic possibilities of the upright bass we re-air a live duet performance from Mark Weber's Thursday edition of "All That Jazz" from May 18, 2017 featuring two of Albuquerque's most in-demand jazz players: Colin Deuble: double bassCal Haines: drums Recorded off-air & mixed live by Mark Weber.  Post-production by Cal Haines

The Dogbone Trio

Jul 17, 2017

The Dogbone Trio is a 26-footed instrumental outfit best found on early morning dog walks.  This feature captures the Trio (sans canines) in what was then their ninth performance ever, rehearsals included, mixing composed originals, covers & improvisations.

Recorded by Roman Garcia on July 7, 2017 The Dogbone Trio are:

Jefferson Voorhees: drum kit
Maren Hatch: upright bass
Micah Hood: trumpet, electronics

Follow the continuing adventures of The Dogbone Trio on Facebook

Alex Maryol

Jul 10, 2017

For this feature, songwriter/guitarist Alex Maryol & bassist Justin McLauchlin present songs from the forthcoming album "In the Meantime."

Recorded on July 1, 2017 in Studio C by Matthew Finch, the duo are:

Alex Maryol: vocals, guitar
Justin McLauchlin: bass, vocals.
Both musicians ran their acoustic instruments through amps, as they do in a typical performance.

Keep up with Alex Maryol's Kickstarter campaign & future performances at www.alexmaryol.com

Cactus Tractor Sgt. Pepper

On May 23rd, Albuquerque's Cactus Tractor came by to offer an acoustic preview of two very different projects.  After playing a pair of newly-written songs the band peeled back the curtain on their upcoming re-make of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band."  In between they talk about approaching the Beatles landmark album by starting with the original charts & orchestration.

 Recorded in Studio A by Roman Garcia with Marshall Broyles, for this performance Cactus Tractor were:

David Bashwiner: vocals, guitar
Stephanie Graner: vocals, banjo
Brandon Baca: vocals, guitar
Christy Cook: vocals, ukulele
Baby Lily: bg vocals, percussion

Cactus Tractor can go from 5 to 14 pieces, depending on the project.  Find them at www.cactustractor.com

On Dec 13, 2016, Albuquerque band Eileen & the In-Betweens returned to Studio A, playing all new songs from their new album "We Ain't Givin' Up." They also chatted with Matthew Finch about their music and upcoming release.

For this performance Eileen & the In-Betweens are:
    Eileen Shaughnessy: lead vocals, guitar
    Lazarus Letcher: viola, vocals

    Ben Martinez: keyboard, trumpet
    Tanya Nuñez: bass
    Kenny Broyles: drums, vocals
    Christy Cook: vocals
    Stephanie Graner: vocals  

Recording by Roman Garcia with Marshall Broyles and Ben Montoya. 
Video by Jefferson White and Marshall Broyles.

Watch footage of Eileen & the In-Betweens performing live in Studio A

Shaughnessy performs both with the In-Betweens and solo. Keep up with THEM at eileenandtheinbetweens.bandcamp.com, and with HER at eileenshaughnessy.com.