Wow, we just had a tense bunch of days, each one filled with anticipation and impatience and consternation. From people worrying about how the election was going to play out, to some keeping an eye on potential violence, it would be an understatement to say that anxieties were high. It makes sense, 2020 has been mad anxious as my East Coast compatriots would say. But the electoral college digits that just wouldn’t move are not the only numbers the United States has to grapple with. Most of the country spent so much of their attention on the election, news of record- breaking new covid cases barely cut through the din. No matter who’s in charge, we’ve got a lot in front of us.

4/19/20 Millions for Prisoners and youth messages

Sep 4, 2020

Sun. 4/19 7p: This week on Generation Justice we spoke to Selinda Guerrero and Stephonae Nelson from Millions for Prisoners New Mexico.

Also, Generation Justice members Kyle Gonzales, Brenna Two Bears, Riazullah Alkozai, and Kenia Alonzo shared inspiration with our community.

10/6 7p: This week, we heard the journeys that some New Mexicans have taken to find their voices and to make connections across the world.

Justin Allen and Kelly Garcia-Chavez, of the abolitionist group Millions For Prisoners- New Mexico, joined us to talk about finding your voice through your vote, and the fight to restore voting rights to incarcerated people.