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After thousands protested for months on the North Dakota prairie, the Dakota Access Pipeline is moving forward under President Trump.  But the battle over this controversial project continues in court.

A new documentary looks at multiple instances of tribal resistance to energy development called Beyond Standing Rock.  It's produced by Inside Energy, a public media project focused on America's energy issues. 

The Encampment

Mar 23, 2017
Ann Arbor Miller/Minnesota Public Radio News / used with permission

The Encampment Friday 3/24 8a: For almost a year, hundreds of people continuously occupied a strip of land along the Missouri River in North Dakota, in the hope that the mere fact of their presence would help change the course of America’s energy future. 

Action: Educate & Organize

Jan 27, 2017
Generation Justice

Join us, Sunday 1.29.17, as we listen to Dr. Bilal Sekou, Associate Professor of Political Science at University of Hartford, to discuss using our inter-sectionality under the new administration. We also speak with Jennifer Marley, an organizer with the Red Nation, to discuss the continued threat to the #NODAPL movement, indigenous communities across the country and how folks can get involved. Tune in at 7:00 pm on KUNM 89.9 FM or online at KUNM.org