University of New Mexico Press

Dr. Vanessa Fonseca-Chávez, Inaugural Poet Laureate of New Mexico Levi Romero, and Dr. Spencer R. Herrera talk with host Cristina Baccin  about what´s a querencia: is it a place in your heart?

Las Vegas, New Mexico Fiesta Poster Collection of Martina Tapia – Photo Courtesy: Lillian Gorman

Mon. 7/6, 7p: On Espejos de Aztlán, New Mexican author Dr. Lillian Gorman shares insights from her research on the 4th of July Fiestas in Las Vegas, New Mexico. In a re-evaluation of the Fiestas cultural richness and its deeply rooted anchor as querencia for many northern Nuevomexicanos. We will chat about these Fiestas as a “love of place” and as a "contestatory space" at the same time, hosted by Cristina Baccin.

On Espejos de Aztlán, author Dr. Mike Tapia guides us in the examination of gang history and its subcultures in this unique Southwest borderland region, and how promote changes that help youth-at-risk, hosted by Cristina Baccin.