Of Indians And Environmentalism / A Unifying Vision

May 22, 2017

  May 28

Of Indians & Environmentalism features the voices of Jack Loeffler, Charles Wilkinson, Shonto Begay, Edward Abbey, Dave Foreman, Roberta Blackgoat, Richard Grow, Lyle Balenquah, and Tara Trudell. This program addresses the beginnings of the radical environmental movement in the Southwest in reaction to coal strip-mining on lands held sacred by traditional Hopi and Navajo Indians, and of Earth First!, and also of Navajo Relocation from Big Mountain. This program tells of collaborative efforts between Native Americans and counterculturalists to combat corporate extractors in league with the federal government.

A Unifying Vision reveals how major elements of the counterculture movement are still with us, and what steps might be taken to help bring our mainstream cultural system of attitudes in better alignment with the carrying capacity of our planetary habitat.  This program features the voices of Peter Coyote, Daniel Kemmis, Gary Paul Nabhan, William deBuys, Melissa Savage, Rina Swentzell, Roxanne Swentzell and Gary Snyder.