Become a KUNM Underwriter

Click here for  a list of our underwriters.

Local business support is a vital part of KUNM's funding.  In public radio, we call it "underwriting."

Businesses and professional offices cannot get commercials on KUNM; however, we do acknowledge underwriting support with on-air messages disclosing who is supporting the programming.  These messages include the business name, a description of the product or service provided, location, and phone number/website.

Our listeners appreciate the businesses that support their public radio station, KUNM - and often tell them so!  To get the scoop on becoming a KUNM underwriter, contact one of our Account Executives.

Erin Brown at (505) 277-2163 or erinbrown[at]kunm.org

Kelly Cravens at (505) 277-3969 or kellycravens[at]kunm.org

Non-Profit Paid Announcements (NPAs)

Non-profit (501c3) organizations may purchase 30-second Non-Profit Paid Announcements, pre-recorded and guaranteed to air on KUNM. 

We have limited numbers of NPAs available and they SELL OUT quickly, so reserve yours well in advance to be sure the announcements will air when you need them.


Pricing Information and Guidelines

All announcements are produced at KUNM, using KUNM voice talent, with or without a musical background, at your discretion. There is no charge for production of the first announcement.

To make sure your announcement gets aired we suggest booking your spots three weeks in advance of your event date.

Rotational announcements outside of prime drivetime are available at $30 each. These are placed as much as possible in the programs you request (subject to availability) but exact placement is not guaranteed. Minumum: 10 announcements.

You can request exact placement in prime drivetime: 6 am - 9 am and 4 pm - 7 pm.  These premium placements are guaranteed to air during those time slots.  These placements are available at $50 each.

You can reserve a combination of prime and rotational announcements if you wish.  Either way, the minimum run is 10 announcements.

Descriptive and promotional language is acceptable, but there can be no pricing information, no crediting of YOUR event sponsors, and the tone of the script must be compatible with KUNM's non-commercial character.

Announcements may promote a benefit or fundraising event, but the message itself may not contain direct fundraising appeals to our listeners.

NPAs may not promote any candidate for political office, and may not advocate a position on any issue of public importance.

We always reserve the right to edit the script for compliance. We will also be happy to write the script for you at no charge.