Josh Eidelson on WalMart strike; Keane Bhatt on Venezuela vote

Oct 15, 2012

Tue. 10/16 8.30a: Workers at Wal-Mart walked off the job this week and that is business far from usual at the retail giant. 

There has never been a strike at Wal-Mart; our guest will explain why it’s a game-changer. Josh Eidelson reports on labor issues for Salon and In These Times. 

Also on the show: If you like journalism that marches in lock-step with official views, you must have loved US coverage of the recent Venezuelan elections. It was near impossible to get anything outside a Washington consensus view that derides the Venezuelan president, electorate, economy, you name it. Journalist and activist Keane Bhatt wasn't crazy about the reporting, he'll join us to talk about the Venezuelan election coverage Hall of Shame.