Peace On The Battlefield

Nov 29, 2012

Fri. 11/30 8a: In December 1914, early in World War I, troops from both sides of the fighting in Europe laid down their arms and traded handshakes, liquor, food, songs and stories as an unofficial truce spread over coming of Christmas. 

Historian and author Stanley Weintraub made a complete study of the event and shares this remarkable story with host Paul Ingles on this special edition of the series PEACE TALKS RADIO.  

Also, a 2011 report from correspondent Steve Pendlebury who covered the 100th anniversary of the Manassas Peace Jubilee, when former combatants on both sides of the American Civil War met on the battlefield where so many had lost their lives.  In 1911, they threw a party to heal old wounds.  

This and all programs in the seris can be heard online at www.peacetalksradio.com.