Put-Down Humor on Peace Talks

Fri. 7/30: A discussion of teasing, real conflict, and resolution on Peace Talk Radio.

When does 'teasing behavior' cross a line to create real conflict and what to do about it? As one of our guests, professinal and life coach Peter Vajda writes: "In Western culture, the biting, sarcastic, demeaning put-down has become an art form - everywhere - TV, movies, talk radio, sports events, journals and magazines. It's part of the fabric of everyday conversation. And more, many folks today see such behavior as 'business as usual', as 'no big deal.'" Why do so many people engage in put-down humor? What underlies its use? Does it inflict real damage or is it 'no big deal?' If you are a target, and its creating conflict for you, what are some ways to respond? Can we still enjoy good humor without hurting others? A discussion, on this episode of Peace Talks Radio. Paul Ingles hosts.
This program will be available online after broadcast at www.peacetalksradio.com. Peace Talks Radio is a production of the non-profit media organization Good Radio Shows, Inc.