Religious Leaders Call For Action On Climate Change

Jul 28, 2015

Faith leaders in New Mexico are asking citizens to take personal responsibility for tackling climate change.

Muslim, Jewish and Christian leaders stood together beneath the broiling sun Tuesday morning, pledging their support for a new Papal Encyclical, which encourages people to curb their consumption of energy.

Sister Joan Brown is with the religious nonprofit New Mexico Interfaith Power and Light.

“As we address the coal-fired power plants, the methane release in our state, our water challenges, the health implications of all those things, we’re inviting people to take a pledge,” Sister Brown said. “It says I will look at my consumption and reduce that consumption by 50 percent in 2030 and by net zero in 2050.”

Sister Brown drafted an open letter calling on the public to protect the environment after the pope spoke of a moral responsibility for all people to be stewards of the planet.

More then 100 pastors, rabbis and faith leaders signed the letter, calling on their congregations to be more ecologically conscious.