Stores Voluntarily Stop Selling Fireworks

Jun 30, 2011

Albuquerque, NM –
As wildfires rage in New Mexico, many people are asking why fireworks are still available for the upcoming 4th of July weekend. New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez has been saying the same thing for days "Please, do not purchase or use fireworks during the season. Be a good patriot go to a public event where it is safe."

Governor Martinez banned fireworks on public lands but she can't stop companies from selling them. She issued a State of Emergency to officially discourage New Mexicans from buying or using fireworks this year.

Albertsons grocery stores removed fireworks from all 30 of their New Mexico stores today. Public Affairs Director Christine Wilcox says they were watching news about the fires and listening to local concerns. She said the company felt compelled to act, "we feel it's our corporate responsibility to do everything we can to help and obviously we've heard from several customers"

Wilcox says 9 New Mexico Albertsons were supposed to have fireworks stands in their parking lots the proceeds would have gone to local nonprofits. She says Albertsons will donate money instead.