Generation Justice Graduates

May 19, 2017
Jaelyn deMaria

Join us this Sunday as we honor our Generation Justice Graduates! Yousuf Amer, Brennan Olivier, Ludella Awad, Luzero Velasquez, Moises Villanueva, Haarika Reddy, Luna Olavarría-Gallegos, Aaron Hagler, Kateri Zuni and Arturo Castillos. We dedicate our entire show to celebrate our youth producers and GJ fellow, who have made a great accomplishment in their education and walked the stage to receive their hard-earned diplomas and degrees! We listen to the songs they dedicated and reflect on their achievements.

New Mexico Immigrant Law Center / Facebook

This Sunday, we highlight the work of individuals and organizations committed to the critical issues of immigration and education. We speak with Barni Qaasim, a California based activist, storyteller and documentarian, Alejandro Macias of the New Mexico Immigrant Law Center, and Ian Esquibel, the Executive Director of The Learning Alliance.