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Indian Health Service Could See Budget Increase

Obama’s proposed budget for Indian Health Services is up from FY 2012 by $124 million.. The White House’s focus on increased funding to IHS programs, it’s now up to congress to make a decision on the President’s budget.

According to the Indian Health Service, or IHS, a proposed funding increase under the White Houses 2014 Budget includes a nearly 3% increase over 2013. That proposal would break down to $35 million to purchase health care from private entities to pay for special services IHS can’t handle, new facilities will receive $77 million for staff and operations costs, and nearly 6 million dollars to support tribally managed health programs.

Under the proposal, funding has also been included to continue construction on healthcare facilities in Kayenta and San Carlos, Arizona, as well as a treatment center in Southern California.

Since 2008, the discretionary budget for IHS has increased approximately 32% - however, health advocates estimate the service is still funded at only 25% of need.

The Indian Health Service serves over 2 million American Indians and Alaska Natives.

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