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New Agency Accepting Applications To Oversee Albuquerque Police

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The application process is now open for people who want to serve on Albuquerque’s new Civilian Police Oversight Agency. The independent board will investigate complaints against the Albuquerque Police Department and review APD policy.

For anyone wanting to serve on the new oversight board you cannot have made a name for yourself filing alleged bogus claims against the cops, and you can’t have worked in law enforcement in the past year. To apply you have to agree to a background check and explain why you would be great at investigating complaints against the police department.

Last month the Albuquerque City Council voted to create the new civilian agency at the same time they decided to do away with the old Police Oversight Commission which worked hand in hand with the city’s independent review officer. The Department of Justice had said the relationship between the officer, the city attorney and the cops was a little too snug and made impartial evaluation of the department unrealistic.

The new Civilian Police Oversight Agency will spend at least half their time looking at systemic problems in the department and suggesting policy changes. If the chief of police decides not to adopt the recommendations from the board he must explain himself in writing.

Anyone interested in serving on the board has until the end of November to apply.  Members will be selected by the city council.

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