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Stash of Momaday Prints Found In Old Meth Lab

Courtesy Albuquerque Museum

Curators at the Albuquerque Museum identified artwork that police found while boarding up a condemned meth lab. 

Titus O’Brien is the museum's Art Program Specialist. He says it was peculiar earlier this week when police brought in 72 signed prints by the late renowned Kiowa artist Al Momaday.

“I was really excited because I knew the artist and they’re immediately recognizable,” O’Brien said.You can tell that these are important, professional works of art.”

Credit Courtesy Albuquerque Museum
Al Momaday passed away in 1981 and is credited with revolutionizing Kiowa painting style.

Momaday was the father of Pulitzer Prize winning author N. Scott Momaday, who is currently a visiting professor at UNM.

It’s likely that the prints were stolen out of his storage locker.

The museum plans on returning the artwork to the artist’s son.

No arrests have been made.