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"Misa Tango": An Interview With Maestro Alberto Bustos

Disegno di Stefano Borgia del Casale
"Misa Tango " Poster

Sat. 20/1, 4:15p: From Perugia (Italy), an interview with Prof. Alberto Bustos hosted by Cristina Baccin about his composition,  “Misa Tango” (Tango Mass), that presents the Catholic Mass through all the tango genres. It´s a courageous combination of prayer and the sensuality of tango's deeply rooted forbidden past –especially by the Argentinian Catholic Church-, with its origins in the brothels on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. We invite you to listen to Maestro Bustos´s explanation about how he intertwines in harmony the contrast of sacred and popular in a performance that includes  three choruses with more than 120 voices.

Prof. Bustos studied Music Composition at the National University of Córdoba (Argentina), one of the most important Universities of Latin America. He moved to Italy in 1987 where he founded the choir, “Voci dal Mondo” (Voices from the World), the choir of the Università per Stranieri of Perugia, that has performed throughout Europe and South America.  He collaborated with the University of Bari to present concerts with Latin American repertory and organized tours of these works in Greece and Germany.  

More information at Voci dal Mondo – Università per Stranieri di Perugia (Italy)

Or email: alberto.bustos@tiscali.it

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