Businesses Sue EPA Over Clean Water Rule

Sep 4, 2015


A coalition of businesses in New Mexico and Arizona are suing the Environmental Protection Agency over a recent rule extending clean water protections across the country. 

The EPA says regulating more streams and tributaries under the Clean Water Act will protect drinking water supplies and safeguard public health. Environmental groups have applauded the rule, but some industries say complying with the law would be too expensive.

Eric Layer is with the Association of Commerce and Industry, the group filing the suit against the EPA on behalf of area mining and agricultural businesses.

"When you look at the permitting requirements and the costs that this is going to impose on business in the state in an already struggling economy it’s really disastrous," Layer said. "And we’re talking about New Mexican’s lives, families and the ability to provide for your family are in jeopardy."

This is the second major lawsuit filed against the clean water rule here. The state of New Mexico is also fighting the rule in court, saying it’s an overreach of federal authority.