An Earth Day Special From BURN: Climate Change Is Calling. The Adaptors Are Responding ...

Apr 13, 2015

Credit NASA Goddard Space Flight Center via Flickr

Sun. 04/19 11a: “The Adaptors” chronicles how people are adapting to climate change. Adaptors are all around us: from the farmers and coastal-dwellers finding new ways to work and live, to the scientists thinking outside the box about energy, to corporate leaders bringing new technologies to market, to the garage tinkerers and DIY inventors dreaming up the next big thing in green living. We want to introduce you to them, one story at a time.


In fact, we’re all adaptors. That’s what makes us human. So while climate change stories often feel impossibly hopeless and divisive, “The Adaptors” suggests the opposite. We are finding people from all walks of life who are creatively working to counteract energy and climate crises. These human-scale stories provide a window into the essence of who we are as a species — and a measure of hope that we can muster the will to tackle perhaps the biggest challenges we’ve ever faced.