Hundreds Protest Taos School's Relocation

Jul 22, 2015

Much to the dismay of many educators and community members in Taos, the district’s superintendent is threatening to relocate the alternative high school that serves at-risk kids. 

Over the past 13 years, hundreds of students in Taos who were flunking or dropping out of high school took refuge at Chrysalis, an alternative school where the focus is on experiential learning.

The rural school sits at the end of a dirt road, has a working farm, and classes are kept to around eight students.

Head teachers from the school said Superintendent Lillian Torrez recently told them that Chrysalis, which many people call a sanctuary, is being moved over to the main high school.

More then 100 parents and students spoke up in opposition to relocating the school at a board meeting Tuesday night, saying it is the unique environment, quality teachers and the nontraditional curriculum that make Chrysalis successful.

Torrez wouldn’t give a reason for relocating the school, saying it was in the best interests of the students.

All of the teachers from Chrysalis have told the superintendent they will have nothing to do with the move and have filed for a year's worth of leave.