LISTEN: Genizaros And New Mexico's Legacy Of Slavery

Mar 17, 2017

We often associate slavery with the American South. But it was actually common in many places in our history, including New Mexico. Native Americans who were captives and raised in Hispanic families became known as Genizaros. They assimilated into New Mexico society and after being freed they were also given land grants in places like Abiqui, Belen and Carnuel on the frontier between Spanish settlements and Native tribes.

On this episode we speak with  Enrique Lamadrid, distinguished professor emeritus of Spanish at the University of New Mexico, and Moisés Gonzáles, assistant professor of community and regional planning at UNM. They are working on a new book called "Genizaro Nation." It will be released in 2018. A story on NPR explored the history of Genizaros.

We also talk with Matthew Reisen, news editor at the Daily Lobo, about issues the student newspaper is covering.