Native Heritage Month Report Card

Nov 26, 2012

Tue. 11/27 11a: The pop band No Doubt ignited a firestorm of reactions over their recent video release for the song "Looking Hot." The video featured lead singer Gwen Stefani in a Native American style headdress tied up, a counter to her fellow band members dressed up as cowboys.

After, hundreds of negative reactions poured in from the masses, the band pulled the video from the Internet and issued a written public apology.

Then early this month, lingerie giant Victoria's Secret also felt the fury of embarrassment for their Native American faux pas when one of their models strutted down the catwalk in a headdress. They too issued an apology stating their intent was not offend.

These are just two incidents that made it to the mainstream, what other events deemed offensive to Natives have occurred during and close to this Native American Heritage Month? How did you react to them? Why do these incidents keep happening? Is issuing an apology after the deed is done good enough?

Guests include N. Bruce Duthu (Houma) Native American Studies Professor at Dartmouth College.