Plastic Bag Ban Goes To Albuquerque City Council

Jan 9, 2019

The Albuquerque city council on Monday heard a proposal to ban single-use plastic at all business and retail locations.

The proposal includes anything made to be used once and then thrown out or recycled, like straws, bags and coffee stirrers. It also includes styrofoam.

Many local businesses, including Standard Diner, have already started taking eco-friendly steps.

“We service guests in the hundreds of thousands every year, and if every single one person was using a bag or a straw, that could have a really negative impact on the environment,” said General Manager Zack Work.

Under the proposal, restaurants could provide reusable straws like steel, or biodegradable ones made of hay or paper.

If the city council approves the measure, they would decide when it goes into effect.