Play Explores Last Days Of Ethel Rosenberg

Apr 22, 2018

  The story of the Rosenbergs still stirs controversy, nearly 70 years after they were put to death for conspiracy to commit espionage. The couple was charged with conspiring to provide technical information about building an atomic bomb to the Soviet Union. Ethel Rosenberg’s brother, David Greenglass, worked on the Manhattan Project in New Mexico and when he was arrested told officials Ethel’s husband, Julius, had recruited him to steal classified information.

In 2016, the sons of the Rosenbergs, who were just 6 and 10 years old when their parents were executed, once more sought exoneration for their mother from President Obama, but were unsuccessful. Actress Talia Pura became fascinated with the story when she heard about a one-woman play, “The Passion of Ethel Rosenberg,” from her friend Grace Reinbold, who knew the playwright, Edward Morris. She suggested Pura bring the show to Santa Fe. It runs from April 26th to May 6 at Studio Center Santa Fe.