Protest To Target Santa Fe Fiestas Performance

Sep 7, 2017

Native American activists and their allies are planning a third straight year of protests during Santa Fe’s annual Fiestas celebrations.

Friday’s La Entrada is the re-enactment of Diego de Vargas’ reconquest of the city after the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 and critics are calling for the performance to be abolished, saying it celebrates the genocide of Native Americans under Spanish colonization.

“Santa Fe has a unique relationship with its past and really is very proud of its culture and history and the way that these different groups of people have interacted over time,” said city of Santa Fe spokesman Matt Ross. “It hasn’t always been peaceful. We’re trying to be honest about that.”

Ross said the city is planning for a larger protest this year and coordinating with law enforcement agencies from around the state. They’ve also prohibited certain items from the plaza during the events including weapons, masks, and amplification systems.

Protest organizers say some young women were groped and hit while participating in last year’s La Entrada protests.