Veterans Turning Towards Peace

Mar 29, 2012


If you've seen coverage of any peace march or other event advocating for peace, you're bound to see some folks there under a banner or sign or cap or wearing a t-shirt that says "Veterans for Peace."  These are folks who, having served in the U.S. armed services,many of them in armed combat, have been moved to now be visibly active for the cause of peace and the end of war.  For some, marching is the thing they choose to do, but on this edition of Peace Talks Radio, conversations with two veterans who have chosen different paths for their peaceful action.  Peace Talks Radio's Suzanne Kryder talks with Gulf War Vet Erik Gustafson, founder of the Education for Peace in Iraq Center and West Point Grad and Iraq War Veteran Capt. Paul Chappell who's written many books about making peace including the 2012 release Peaceful Revolution:How We Can Create the Future Needed For Humanity's Survival.