Women's News: Campuses Failing On Assaults

Jul 12, 2014

Take Back the Night march.
Credit Wikipedia via Creative Commons

July 12, 2014 Study finds 40 percent of colleges and universities have not conducted sexual assault investigations in the past five years; Syrian families increasingly headed by struggling women; some girls escape Boko Haram, but more than 200 still held hostage; Egyptian doctor stands trial for female genital mutilation following death of girl; Mexican high court orders government to pay damages for imprisoning indigenous woman; Congressional Democrats draft bill to override Supreme Court decision on contraception; Michelle J. Howard becomes first female four-star admiral in U.S. Navy history and highest ranking African-American woman in military; startup company develops wireless contraceptive microchip for sub-dermal implant; feminist blogosphere piles on Tom Junod for Esquire article declaring women over 40 are suddenly sexy; Money magazine honors Glenys Carl of Santa Fe for her work training volunteers to be in-home caregivers.