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Talking About Race + EXTRAS

Artotem via Flickr

KUNM Call In Show 7/25 8a: As the waves of reaction to the George Zimmerman verdict continue to wash over the nation, we'll take a look at how we think about race... and how we don't think about race. What are conscious behaviors and what are perhaps not-so-conscious behaviors? 

So after the live show was over, several guests stuck around, there was still so much to talk about. So consider this part 2 of the show, sans callers. 



  • Cathy McGill, activist, coordinator of community dialogues on civil rights
  • Ricky Lee Allen, Professor of Language Literacy and Socio-cultural Studies at the UNM College of Education
  • Tonya Covington, Peacemakers Consulting
  • Susana Rinderle, consultant, producer of a 4-woman show on race and identity (check out her TED talk below)