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James Henry On HSBC, Mary Bottari On Scott Walker

HSBC Protest via http://fair.org

Tues. 02/17 8:30a: Two stories featuring bad news, but good journalism. First up: HSBC is a recidivist criminal actor, so how exactly is it still the second-biggest commercial bank in the world? The latest revelation--thanks to a whistleblower working with a number of media outlets–-is that HSBC has been helping millionaires and billionaires hide money from tax authorities. What's the impact of HSBC's actions and--once more with feeling--what will it take to put a banker in jail? We'll hear from journalist James Henry on that.

Also on the show: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said it was just a “drafting error” that led to his proposed budget calling for the evisceration of the central philosophy guiding the state's university system, along with $300 million in cuts. Reporters and activists showed that to be a falsehood, and Walker's proposed changes look like a revealing peak at the agenda of the man who wants to be the next president. We'll hear from a key player in that story, Mary Bottari from the Center for Media and Democracy.

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