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Feeding Children In New Mexico

Sarah Gustavus

KUNM Call In Show 4/20 8a. New Mexico students will no longer be singled out if they have debt in the school cafeteria. Our state became the first in the nation recently to outlaw what's known as "lunch shaming," which can include serving students a cold sandwich instead of a hot meal, requiring that they help clean up after the meal or stamping their arm with a message to parents that they owe money in the cafeteria.

We'll take a deeper look at unequal access to healthy food for children and learn about programs that are closing the gap for families that struggle in the summer when school meals aren't available. We'd like to hear from you. Email callinshow@kunm.org or call in live during the show. 

  • Did you go hungry as a child? How does that influence how you see the world today?
  • Have you struggled to provide enough healthy food for your kids? Where did you turn for help? 
  • Do you have creative ideas for addressing hunger in New Mexico? 



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