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The Untold Story Of Women Resistance Fighters

Gusta Davidson and Minka Liebeskind both became members of the Krakow ghetto underground

Sat 5/15 12p Women's Focus:  Of all the stories of WWII and the Holocaust, one of the most extraordinary has remained hidden until now: the daring resistance efforts of Jewish women in the ghettos of the Nazi occupation.  Carol Boss speaks with author Judy Batalion - her new book, "The Light of Days",  tells the stories  of these brave young women during the darkest of times and the invaluable role they played fighting against and surviving Hitler's "final solution".  "The Light of Days" has been optioned by Steven Spielberg and will become a major motion picture.Carol also speaks with Claudia Kalb, author of "Spark - How Genius Ignites, From Child Prodigies to Later Bloomers."