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In New Mexico, Heroin Use Continues To Fuel Crime, Overdoses

Drug Enforcement Administration
Creative Commons

Heroin is the reigning king of drugs in New Mexico. From overdoses to prosecutions, heroin is wreaking havoc, and to make matters worse, it’s cheaper, purer, and easier to buy than ever.

New Mexico District Attorney Kari Brandenburg said prosecutions of heroin trafficking and possession in the state have surpassed other drugs like cocaine and meth.

Conversely, the use of prescription opiates are down.

“We think that that’s related somewhat to prescription drugs,” Brandenburg said. “Kids and people start taking the prescription drugs, painkillers, and then they go on to heroin because it’s a lot cheaper and unfortunately probably more available.”

Brandenburg said that since meth began being manufactured in Mexico, meth busts have dropped.

However, regardless of the drug, Brandenburg said the war to stop their trafficking and use has been unsuccessful and that it may be time to re-assess the war on drugs.

New Mexico still holds the top spot for the number of drug overdoses in the nation.

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